Dateline 2036AD – The inversion of reality is complete. Once upon a time nightmares visited when you closed your eyes. Now, with the passing of the US Government’s Seventh Patriot Act we no longer need to close our eyes to experience a bad dream. The Internet has been reclassified as US owned and operated, enabling the monitoring of citizens to extend across the globe. There is now no escape from drone enforced justice where the suspects are always guilty until proven innocent. In this Bold New Paradigm, my friends and family are medicated, administered to and penalised because the state already has all the evidence it needs – their data. Back in the days of the last (and first) African American President, when the programme first came to light, concerns were often dismissed as scaremongering. Back then some people still trusted the government and many more did not care. Many thought that internet surveillance would not affect them so it would be alright. Of course one day it did affect them, but by then it was too late. We are all grateful that there has not been a single shooting or terrorist incident on US soil in 10 years. But everyone looks sacred, nervous, all the time. No one smiles any more. Is this all there is now? To exist and be watched? Just in case something happens?

Present Day – It does not have to go like this. A nightmare taking place with our eyes open gives us a wonderful chance to explore the world of our closed eyes. I don’t mean the land of dreams, I mean somewhere else entirely – The Inner World, the landscape and the rainbow of the mind, the place of the Vision quest and of the Inner Guide Meditation.

Let’s get our terms straight. The Outer World is everything we might classify as ‘Muggle’. It is the Outer World that governments seek to survey and control. The trawling of internet data is done with the goal of revealing your habits and your patterns. They want to know your bank account, your shopping, your politics, and your friends – your footprint in the Outer World. The observation of your thoughts and feelings is secondary.

Consider Facebook as an example of this. The truth is that many of the postings and status updates are utterly without value or meaning, even to the people that write them. We write things we do not mean and have not thought about. The words are akin to fish and chip paper – useful for five minutes and then binned. The idea that internet communications are the window into our very soul is laughable. Unless of course you have no soul. Then it might well be true. If your deepest and most treasured desire in life is to own a Ferrari, and all your social media interactions are about one day owning that Ferrari, when Big Brother finally maps this data then you have indeed been violated. But not very deeply.

The Inner World, on the other hand, exists independently of whatever emails or Facebook updates we might write. It is both a place and a state of mind. It is not merely a projection, or a psychological construct. It is as real as the building in which you live. It is a place where trees and animals talk, where sick people are well. It has a landscape and a population, but not quite in the ways you would expect. It is the home – your home – of guidance, insight and balance. One might even say that without some link to it, then the ordinary life of your Outer World becomes pretty meaningless. And that is the point. If your Outer World is all that you have, if there is no inner voice, no inner compass, no inner landscape, then the march of the surveillance state is a worrying development indeed. But a full and rich Inner World provides you with a means of escape, respite and balance. It is there that you can learn, be instructed, heal yourself and more. And best of all, no one can spy on you.  No-one can see your Inner World. No one can tell you what is there. There are many links – to be found though Meditation, Numerology, I Ching, Tarot and Astrology – but only you can discover your Inner World for yourself.

Is there more to life than what we see with our eyes?

Yes, there is.

And it lies within.


Discover Your Inner World: A Tool for Life

Sunday 7th July at The Hermitage Development Centre, Irthlingborough, Northants. England.

10am – 3pm.

Join with like minded souls for a day of Inner World discovery | Meet your Inner Guide |Develop your Inner Landscape | Improve the reliability of your Inner Voice | Move beyond Like and Dislike | Step toward your Life Purpose.

A mixture of Meditation, Visualisation, Breath and the Tarot will help you to resign from the Surveillance State and witness a New World born before your very eyes. Everyone can be taught how to do this.

Max 6 people. £50 each. Light lunch provided. Suitable for all levels of experience.

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