Who Am I and What Am I For are the questions asked by millions on the planet, every day. The absence of answers is the cause of endless suffering and destruction. Where the answers can be revealed – well, a wondrous sight appears as the Light rushes in.

To attain this blissful state of self-knowledge and awareness we must first build a firm foundation from which to ascend. If we try to reach for the stars from a pit of sand we will soon be disappointed.

The situation that we each find ourselves in – right now, today, in this life – is a result of everything that has gone before. We are each living out the effects of yesterday’s dinner, last month’s pay cheque, last year’s relationship, our child hood education, as well as all the conscious and subconscious choices that we made along the way, both accidental and deliberate. Although this might at first glance seem sticky and unpalatable, it is unquestionably true.

What is less obvious is that we are individually and collectively also living out the consequences of everything we did and did not do in our previous lives.

The evidence for reincarnation is right in front of our eyes. It appears when a 7 year old child pipes up out of nowhere saying, ‘I was a Dambuster’, or when you watch a period drama on TV or film and feel a strange affinity for the time or the characters. The mind, of course, interferes with this. Our own mind of self doubt and others minds of judgement and criticism. But it is not a matter of belief. The evidence is all there.

It is therefore crucial that we each attempt to understand and, if necessary, set straight whatever has been done before. Our individual timeline might go way back into the mists but it is accessible and can be healed.

Also, our idea of personal freedom needs to be adjusted. We kid ourselves that we are at liberty to make a series of consequence free choices every day, but the more I work with Numerology the more I see that the deep patterns of people’s lives are written in their name and dates of birth. These patterns are sometimes so ingrained that it is hard to see the wood for the trees, but usually we get there in the end.

Our date of birth effectively contains a code, within which the answers to the questions who am I and what am I for, are contained. Within our date of birth and name are contained the paths we need to take, and all the tools with which to travel them. We have everything that we need to understand our past and move forward from it. Why would we want to do anything else?

In this sense, there is not only no possibility, but there is also no point, in Voiding Karma, the term that some people attach to the process of wiping our energetic slate clean and starting again from scratch. We all know that everything is to learn from and nothing can ever be undone. We should be committed to moving forward toward our life purpose, but only within the boundaries we have previously set for ourselves.

Often, whenever the idea of some kind of life purpose is discussed then so is the notion that you can be anybody, do anything and go anywhere – that you can somehow create something out of nothing. Well, we are each certainly able to create a brilliant future, but only one that is proscribed by our previous choices. For example, I was born in the UK. Because of this unalterable fact it is an absolute cast iron certainty that no matter how hard I manifest and attract it I will never be President of the United States (at least in this lifetime!) I was born here in the UK, for a reason, to do a job, in a way, that no one else can do. So were you. And that is good enough. Once we have found out what our job is we will be more than satisfied with it. To want anything else is greedy and irresponsible.

Acceptance of this idea also hinges upon whether you see life as a school or a playground. Of course the answer is that it is both, but it saddens me that so many people – particularly in the personal development arena – look upon it simply as a playground. I mean that I am sad for them. For they will surely be back round again until they realise.

Please do not conclude from all this there is any need to be miserable, stuck or unhappy in this life. The force of the Universe is available to be co-operated with on a daily basis. But it will not play if we try to use it in search of our fancies or mere wants. The great problem with the Law of Attraction, for example, is that you cannot attract that which is outside you Life Purpose, and if you do manage to do so then it will have the most negative effects on you. I’ve seen this with my own eyes.

However, if you get on the tip of learning, development and growth, becoming more and doing more, discovering and stepping toward the tasks that only you can do then you will find the Universe most co-operative.  And along the path to fulfilment anything else is really just a waste of time.