Just a short piece this week, but a crucial one for all those interested in the discovery and development of self. Without a teacher, a guide or a guru at your constant side, how do you know if you are heading in the right direction? The answer is, like all good truths, simple and obvious.

If you are doing it right then life gets better and better. In short, you are happy being you.

There is no evidence base available to measure this, and there never will be. It is nothing to do with whether you win the lottery, get married, or are going on holiday. These things might make one individual happy and another sad. It is about progress. It is about knowing and experiencing more. It is about your options opening and your world expanding. These things will come into view if you are doing it right.

You will also gain freedom from the demons of Like/Dislike. So much of life, for so many, is a fight to maximise ‘Like’ and eliminate ‘Dislike’ in every aspect of their lives. But this is futile, for it fails to take into account what you need. You may need to do things that you don’t much like, or you may need to stop doing things that you do like. It is personal, but when you get these changes right you will feel happier with yourself.

Your external circumstances and life arrangements might go into flux, and growth of any kind is always unsettling – does not the seedling have to force its way up through the earth? But when you are ‘on path’ life just gets richer and bigger and deeper and more interesting.

A further clue is that you will be travelling in a very personal direction, so the old adage, ‘if you are making people jealous you must be doing something right’ holds true. Belonging to a group might be comforting, but comfort is death. Ok, that’s slightly strong. Still true though.

If you have a Tarot Card of the Day practice, then being on path will tend, over time, to bring you more good cards, while the further off path you travel the worse the cards get. And don’t say there is no such thing as good and bad cards. No one wants to draw The Tower every day, but few mind if they draw The Sun.

So does being on path mean you are inexorably destined for the Promised Land? Well, no. But it does mean so far so good. And how many can really say that?