Feelings and emotions are very powerful, that’s for sure. But a lot of people misinterpret feelings as intuition or psychic guidance.

We can blame Star Wars for putting this meme out there ‘Search your feelings Luke!’ said Obi Wan. But where do these feelings come from?

Feelings are an aspect of the Water element. They flow, they are powerful. Physiologically feelings are often accompanied by sweat, tears or stomach upsets – all literally movements of water/liquid. Feelings, like water, if uncontained are destructive and it is only afterwards, when everything has settled down, that can you see the damage that has been wrought.

If you have ever tried to swim in deep water then you will know that sometimes there are strong and hidden currents, waiting to sweep you in a completely different direction. Only the strongest swimmers can cope with these. Take that analogy into life. We all know spiritual and sensitive souls who change their minds left, right and centre. Variously described as ‘flaky’, the adjective should really be ‘watery’. They think they are operating from Spirit, when in fact it is clear to see that they are operating in Water.

Intuition, true intuition, on the other hand is a product of Fire. It is a product of heat and is a creative force. It flashes from nowhere and illuminates. That’s the key, the light of Fire. There is no light in water. And this is where all sensitive and emotional people have to be really careful, for fear lives at the bottom of the deep dark sea.

The line between a sensitive vibration and a Water based fear is so fine as to be almost invisible. When someone says that they ‘…sense great danger for you if you go down this road’, their comment is as likely to be fear based as it is useful.

Advice given solely on the basis of feelings is too vague, too changeable to provide any real guidance. To read feelings is to read desires and wants, hopes and fears. And if you attach importance to the interpretation of desires and wants then you are in confirmation bias – the quest to see only what you want to see. And that has no place in self development.