The things that you are consciously aware of form only a fragment of the overall possibilities of Life. Under normal circumstances life proceeds at your pace – you get only what you can handle. But then, sometimes, for some people, the doors of perception are kicked wide open.

Maybe a trauma, maybe drugs, maybe a near-death experience.  Something that rocks you to the very core comes along and opens up a gateway to the unconscious, the invisible, the inner domains. Great, we say. Our pain becomes our teacher.

But what happens next? What happens after we have had our consciousness expanded? Because we sure as hell cannot go back.

The truth is that it might take half a lifetime or more, to integrate a single mind blowing experience, to understand and to come to terms with what you saw/felt/heard in that heightened and rarefied state. Fortunately there exist more tools to manage this process than ever before, but no one should under-estimate how hard it really is.

In certain cases there may be no alternative than prescription medication, but even then this will only dial down the intensity of the memory, and most likely the issue will remain unsolved. Therapy may be required. But still it may take years to completely deal with your stuff.

In light of this I simply say to those desperate for a consciousness expanding, mind blowing spiritual experience that there really is no hurry, for all sorts of unfortunate psychological and physiological conditions are seeded when we encounter experiences that we simply aren’t ready for.

This is why tuning into our Personal Inner Voice, the voice of Guidance, is such an important developmental discipline, for our inner voice keeps us away from situations we cannot yet handle. The snag is that this guidance cannot force us to do anything. It is down to us to co-operate and allow it to help us proceed at the perfect pace, expanding and easing our filters at just the right speed for us. Anything more extreme, or harder or faster or deeper might well enlighten you. But it might also destroy you.

This is the reason that you cannot tell anybody anything.  Under normal circumstances, everyone’s filters are on (even when they claim they are not), and these filters serve a dual purpose. On one hand they keep the individual from waking up. But on the other hand, they also keep them alive. Everyone needs their filters. Any attempt – by self or others – to force, rush or go against the guiding voice in anyway will produce severe consequences.

Truth exists, beyond opinion and speculation, and is reserved for the few – not the many – because if released en masse the greatest convulsion ever would unfold. If those unready were to catch even a glimpse of the entirety, simplicity and power of the Universe they would self-combust, collapse in a heap on the floor and never recover. I am deadly serious about this.

I therefore suggest to David Icke et al that you cannot wake people up. And neither should you try. You cannot tell people the truth. All that can be done is to show them where they themselves might find it, for themselves, in their own time, within their own filters. All that you can do is demonstrate and allude to the fact that there might, just, be another way. Provocation, persuasion, nudging, suggesting – these are all acceptable methods of achieving this. But the more you push the more harm you do. The more you rant the greater the resistance. Filters are King and they are fully set to ON in the vast majority of the population.

The steady easement of these filters, by yourself, for yourself, is the Work of Life. It is really all that you can do. As I have discovered, telling truth is fine, so long as you don’t expect anyone to agree with you. Truth will only be realised when the individual is ready. And no one has any control over this, but them.