Following the shambolic events in Parliament of the last few days, I am reminded of the wise man who once said ‘why do we have governments at all, if not as a remedy for sin?’ An unpopular starting point I’m sure, in an age where governments are universally loathed. But all those who enter The Impossibility Factory must be prepared to turn things on their head.

Let’s put it more starkly. Whether we like it or not (and I accept than most of us will not like it), we are governed by others because we cannot govern ourselves. In our modern culture of ‘do anything, go anywhere, be anybody’ we have forgotten that freedoms must be used constructively or they will be removed. Whatever we want to do must be secondary to what we need to do. Desire does not equal duty.

On a personal level, everybody already knows what they need, but they don’t know that they know. The information we need comes from within – not from Twitter or the BBC or the Daily Mail or The Guardian. It comes to us in a quiet and still fashion, not with a sign around its neck saying ‘I am a sign’. Everybody is possessed of this knowing, or at least has access to it. A practice of mindfulness or self development is probably required to hone and sharpen it but it is present in all of us and serves to keep us on our personal path. This Inner Guidance is deeply personal but is always constructive. It will never encourage you toward anything harmful or destructive. The psycho that guns down 30 schoolchildren hasn’t done so on the instruction of their Inner Voice. On the contrary, they have done so because they cannot hear or have blotted out their Inner Voice.

For every Angel there is a Demon. We all have access to an Inner Voice of Guidance but we all have a Dark Side. We all have the ability to hear the guidance and disregard it. To know better and do worse. To do and to say things that we know are wrong. ‘But who is to say what is right and wrong?’ The answer is simple. You decide what is right and wrong. You decide – because you know. You know what is needed and what is not. Whatever is needed is right. Everything else is wrong.  Life is the unfolding process of working out, from one moment to the next, what is right and what is wrong. For you.

Time, person and place all vary both the guidance and the decision. What you did correctly and successfully yesterday may not be appropriate tomorrow. What Mr X is doing successfully and correctly in New York right now may not be appropriate to Miss Y in Copenhagen.

But who is really living their life like this? Very few. And that is why, although we often do not want it, we need government. For without it, and without individuals listening and acting on their Inner Guidance, there would be chaos.

Society is imbalanced by individuals who prioritise their wants over their needs. We can all have a little of what we fancy, but an ignorance or refusal to look at what we each really need will only deliver a heavier hand from government.

There are increasing indications that we are headed toward a Police State by any other name – CCTV, RIPA and NSA are just three abbreviations that should scare the life out of everyone. I don’t want it to be like this, but until the Inner Voice can be heard and acted upon in far greater numbers, I see no alternative. Places like Singapore, China and Dubai have all but sacrificed freedom and very few of the population are bothered about it. That is the destination the UK, and probably the US, is headed. For when the freedom to speak, assemble and protest becomes the freedom to drink ten pints of lager and be sick in the gutter then something has gone very wrong indeed.

Self government is the only answer, where the individual self regulates, and is then involved in the self regulation of their family or wider community. If we fail to do this there will either be increased government or mob rule. Or more likely both.

For many people the very idea of self government is profoundly disturbing. It is too easy to look outside and point to the miscreants and troublemakers (or the socialists, or the Tories) as the root of all evil in society. But that is the easy answer, for self government requires self honesty, personal responsibility and for the individual to set their own house in order.

We live in emotional times. Many people are scared, although they know not what of. For those folk, maximum comfort will only be achieved by a full scale Police State. Only then will the nervous feel completely secure. Until of course their own door is knocked at 6am in the latest ‘crime prevention initiative’.

Govern yourself. Determine yourself. Educate yourself. Do these things before your government does them to you.  You won’t like their methods, or their outcomes, I promise you.