I am deliberately covering Language first, then Numbers themselves another time because I want to make the very clear point that NUMBERS ARE ALIVE. They move, they breathe, and they have intelligence.

The spoken and written word contains enormous creative power, which through numerology we can come to understand. It is important to grasp that the typing, writing and utterance of any word is an act of creation. Every time you hit the keyboard a generative power is being exerted. Every time your pen swirls on the paper, something is being formed, and every time your mouth pulls the shapes and sounds required to speak something new is birthed. All this is measurable and directly understandable via numerology.  But the deep lesson is that it is vital that the energy of all your words is congruent to that which you wish to consciously create. There are few things worse than when your heart or mind says ‘yes’ but the invisible energy generated by your chosen spoken words is ‘no’. Think for a moment and you will see this happens more than it should.

A meeting with Stewart Pearce and my re-reading of Franz Bardon’s The Key to The True Kabbalah helped me to deepen this idea. We approach words through the form of their consonants and vowels. Consonants are conscious sounds, all stopped in some way (swiftly intone the lower case letters ‘t’, ‘r’, ‘b’, ‘d’ as examples and you will see this). Vowels are unconscious sounds, open and flowing. In this sense, vowels correspond to soul, consonants correspond to shape or form. (Vowel comes from the Latin root ‘voco’ which means to summon or call)

Therefore our numerological calculations are the EXPRESSION number of a word or name (consonants and vowels) and the SOUL URGE (vowels only). All words and names can be understood in this way. We will cover how to do in another post.

If we wanted to totally geek out on this we could extend from the Matrix’s idea that the unreal world is just a series of zeros and ones, to seeing that it is actually ones, twos, threes, fours, fives, sixes, sevens, eights and nines! Imagine if you could see the world around you in this form! Well, I’ve done it, fleetingly, and its, well, indescribable.

I believe that true, clear and honest communication is the perfect alignment of number, shape, pattern, intention, will and word, and it is something that we just do not do. Probably because it requires mindfulness, presence, focus, energy and a lack of ego.

Ego hates numerology, whose core maxim states that 1 is 1, and 1 is not 2. This simple little nonsense strikes at ego’s very heart because to understand it requires complete surrender. I am not you, you are not me. Today is not tomorrow, Yesterday is not today. The implications of this are earth shattering, and have not yet been explored adequately. (Sincere, deep seekers should meditate on the immovable fact that x does not, and can never equal y).

Ego will fight the spiritual lessons of numerology at every turn because once we recognise the generative power of language we see that words said cannot be unsaid. Once something has escaped from the body, via the throat and mouth, into the Outer World there is no going back. The speaker and the audience are both changed, irrevocably. This simply goes to prove that all actions, particularly spoken words, have consequences. Yet all the time we busy ourselves with silent technology, which is a great shame when so many people have not even learned how to speak.