A nice achievable goal for us this week! But like a lot of these things the most important thing is to start.

The Taoist Way, as shown to us by Lao Tzu, refers to Chi – the vital force of the Universe. Chi permeates and interweaves everything, residing in and moving through, in, out, up and down.

This life force appears in the swaying of trees, the misshapen growth of vegetables, the barking of dogs, the rain, the sun, the snow and the wind. The Guidance that we so desperately need comes from and through these natural forces. As the crystal knows the form it should take, so do animals. Humans seem to be the ones who get distracted. And we are distracted primarily by LIKE/DISLIKE.

LIKE/DISLIKE is usually – although not always – an emotional response. LIKE/DISLIKE belong together as twin evils because they are equally harmful. Even though common morality suggests that we should LIKE things such as love, charity and kindness, and DISLIKE anger, hatred and jealousy the truth is that all these things are themselves extremes that delve hooks into us very deeply and affect our thoughts, feelings, decisions and behaviour. LIKE/DISLIKE is anti-Chi, anti-Universe, anti-Inner Guidance.

Freedom from LIKE/DISLIKE must therefore be our goal, one that involves us reaching a state of non-being that allows the Chi to flow completely. It really is a goal worth striving for, although in truth it is achieved by very few.

The key to getting there is three-fold:

Know thyself. These are the words engraved above every sacred temple in history. Without self knowledge and acceptance – of your good and your bad – no real progress will ever be achieved. Attempts to deny the bad about yourself will create enormous psychological and physical stress. No such thing as bad? Well good luck trying to find happiness with that belief.

A daily practice. It is necessary to demonstrate, not least to yourself, but also to the wider Universe, that your noble thoughts can be translated into positive actions. In other words, you have to get out of bed and undertake a daily regime, of some kind. It should be part meditative, be used to restore and strengthen the body as well as still and control the mind.

Stop reacting to stuff. This is arguably the hardest part, not least because you will already be deciding whether you agree with (like/dislike) these words. What happens to you – however happy or sad it makes you feel – is undoubtedly important. But your reaction to it will always be far more important. Your reaction will determine where you go next. If unsure, count to ten!

So, when something happens it just happens. It is. And then it was. There is nothing to be gained by liking it or disliking it, and in fact there is everything to lose.

LIKE breeds the desire to re-create something similar, whether it is needed or not. DISLIKE feeds the desire to avoid a recurrence, whether it is needed or not. But Chi is always correct and does not need action from us. And the more we interfere by our attempts to increase LIKE and decrease DISLIKE the more the world is messed up. Chi knows. We – when disconnected from Chi – do not.

And so we are right back to ‘Know Thyself.’ Attempts at uncovering your Destiny will always deliver rewards because, in harmony with Chi, they will always take you where you need to go. But whether you LIKE or DISLIKE that Destiny is a matter of choice.