‘Listen to me!’

‘No! Look over here. Yoo-hoo, look at me, me!’

‘No, forget that, come here. I’m oppressed.’

‘How dare you, I’m more oppressed than you.’

And so continues another day in the life of newspapers and their comment sections, TV news and discussion shows, twitter and facebook, and try as we might, switching off isn’t always possible.

Are we complicit in this maelstrom of competition for the prize of most offended, most marginalised and most slandered? For if we are then we should see that there can be nothing more un-spiritual or anti-personal development than this grand distraction from the main task of life.

For all those against the Tories, the Republicans, the Liberals or Labour, for all those entrenched in deep seated hatreds of ‘the other side’ I would ask you to wake up to the fact that you are being played. Like a puppet on a string. The string being your emotions.

We have all been educated in a nonsense. We have been taught to believe that opinion and politics are the business of the people. Nothing – but nothing – could be further from the truth. Opinion and politics never have and will never be the business of the people. Social networking – or as I sometimes call it, mob rule – has failed to make any difference to the fundamental notion that the Labour Party cares no more for your health and happiness than does the Conservatives, although it is surely true that if you ally yourself to one tribe you might well benefit on the margins at the expense of the opposing tribe.

This is particularly relevant when it comes to esoteric/spiritual/holistic/alternative practices, for no element of the establishment wishes these things to be become widespread. When you are complaining about David Cameron’s attempts at censoring esoteric web content are you really telling me that Prime Minister Ed Miliband would do any different? Personal empowerment, through exploration of the mystic and esoteric, is a direct threat to political power and none of them want you to have it.

Whether to get involved in the daily left/right dance is a choice that you are entitled to make and pursue wholeheartedly. But when you accuse those who take opposing views of somehow being evil and malicious you should realise how far from the light you yourself have travelled.

It is a shame that few words of mine are likely to bring those guilty of this back onto their path, save maybe these. At the end of the day judgement will be reached by you, upon you and in sole relation to you.  You will, in the end, see that the only person who could ever help you was you, and that every single time you wished harm toward another – be it individual or tribe – you simply cursed yourself.

(Credit for the original idea ‘Opinion and politics never have and will never be the business of the people’ belongs to Marabas at The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. His incisive and insightful work over many decades benefits us all.)