Much is currently being doing to call out the wrongs of the world. The global uprising is proceeding exactly as I predicted in my 2005 book A New Day. Articulated brilliantly by Russell Brand, and others, there is no doubt that we are heading toward a revolutionary point in our history. It is all going to plan, so far.

But although there are many voices crying for freedom from capitalism, corporations, banks and debt there are many fewer talking about freedom to. As Paxman correctly asked of Brand (to which there was no answer) ‘what will the revolution look like?’

Freedom from is the easy bit. We all know what we don’t want. But is the goal, as Brand says, simply freedom to have a laugh? If so then there’s going to be a problem. Because not everyone wants to smile.

If that sounds crazy then consider this. Every single member of the human race has a self destruct button. There is not a man or woman alive who does not possess one, and many billions of us use it, regularly. And it manifests simply as ‘I know I shouldn’t do/say this, but I am going to anyway.’ This is the Dark Side.

As I have often mentioned, we are all guided and directed every minute of every day, supported and encouraged by a spiritual force invested in our personal growth and development. Call it your conscience, inner voice, higher self, whatever you like. But your Dark Side fights against this beneficial power, keeping you from what is good for you.

Now whenever the Dark Side is mentioned the first thought is always ‘ah, but this does n’t apply to me’. Well the bad news is that it most certainly does. You, in fact, know that it does, but your ego – co-opted by your Dark Side – refuses to accept this. It will go to almost any lengths, including projection onto others and formation of an entirely imaginary world, in order to convince you that this information is untrue, inappropriate and irrelevant.

Your Dark Side shows itself first of all as ‘I can’t be arsed. It’s too much trouble, there must be an easier way’. It then grows into ‘those bastards out there are stopping me from finding my easy way, my bliss. It’s their fault!’

Once arisen, your Dark Side resists all forms of learning that might challenge your fragile sense of self. All of this is entirely automatic of course, and although you are doing it, you can’t quite stop it. It is woven so intricately into the thread of everything else that it seems impossible to untangle the Dark from the Light, the unreal from the real. But it is totally possible. Because the only real thing is you. Your life, your choices, your history. That is your reality. In fact it is the only thing there is, for you.

Personal development is a counter to the Dark Side, and is exactly as it sounds, the developing of self to the level where you cease to be reliant on external sooth sayers and you are able to direct your body, heart and mind where it needs to go.

All this is of course anathema to most people who expect, somehow, that the fruits of life should fall directly at their feet.

The Dark Side as I have described it is real. It is alive and out to get you 24/7. If you are unaware and unwilling to see this then it will always be cleverer, quicker and sharper than you, and will take great joy in feeding on your misery, frustration and anger. It is not, however, a monster ‘out there’. It is very much ‘in here’.

Wars, murders, abuse, rape, fraud, theft, corruption and all other human ills stem from the Dark Side, as a direct consequence of someone saying ‘I can’t be bothered, there must be an easier way, and you are stopping me from finding it’. There is no reptilian agenda, save in your own mind, and Pied Pipers like Russell Brand, David Icke and Adolf Hitler play the same old tune entitled ‘it’s somebody else’s fault’, whereas the unpalatable, malignant and beautiful truth is that you have no-one to blame other than yourself. Everyone is guided and directed, invisibly, to where they need to be, out of harm’s way. This invisible guiding hand will never walk you into the path of a moving car, but your Dark Side will definitely tell you that ‘it’s ok, you can make it across’.

Your Dark Side is not just your Ego, and not simply your Shadow. There is much more to it than that, but the important point is that everyone has a Dark Side. Capitalism and Global Banking are tools of the Dark Side, not the Dark Side itself. Replace them with the Global Happiness Service or some such concoction and you will soon find yourself coerced, bullied, medicated and marginalised as that too becomes a tool of the Dark Sides of the men controlling the organisation. In short, no solution to the world’s problems will be found until we address how shitty people can be. It is not our environment that makes us awful. It is our awfulness that creates our environment.

The journey of resolution starts by looking in the mirror, by seeing the pain that you have caused, the bad choices you made and how they have affected others, the happiness that you have postponed for yourself and then misery that you have inflicted on others. And once you have worked through the lengthy narrative of denial and blame then you will be ready to see the full beauty of who and what you truly are. Then we might finally begin the business of healing the world.