‘I don’t resonate with that.’ ‘I’m not feeling it.’ Two common responses from those on a spiritual journey, most often heard when faced with new opportunities and unfamiliar choices.

These are both emotional responses, building on the tremendous value that feelings have to remind us that we are alive. And how alive we are! But there is also a constant need to match feeling with doing.

Why? Surely it’s enough to feel and just be? Well no. That will never be enough. And here’s why.

There are two basic forces at work in our Universe – learning and ignorance. It should be obvious which train we want to be on. Learning always, without exception, takes you to a better place. (Although that does not mean the journey is easy).

As part of the Universe we are forever subject to these two forces. Those of us who seek learning, knowledge and all forms of increase will always become more, do more and have greater influence upon their surroundings. Those who rest in blissful ignorance must inevitably become smaller, do and experience less and ultimately become dependent upon others.

Enthusiasts for Life seek growth, opportunity, innovation, creation and discovery. The Wilfully Ignorant, on the other hand, read chance as risk and opportunity as danger, seeing change as something to be feared and thus inviting defeat in all that they do. Dominated by fear of their own uniqueness they seek to eliminate risk at every opportunity. They want to know where the bus is going before they embark, to establish outcomes before they commit and appoint spiritual, moral and ethical leaders to tell them what to think and how to live. They are more interested in learning what not to do before they learn what to do and as such these folk should be avoided like the plague, for their disease is contagious. You only have to look around to see the effects of what I have described.

But hope springs near! Inoculate yourself – daily – by trying new things, thinking differently, reading different books, meeting new people. Follow whatever interests you – daily, starting now – regardless of the judgement of others or self, because you are not qualified to judge that which you have not yet experienced. Encourage others to do their version of the same, and we will begin to co-operate together in the ultimate spiritual task, the realisation that the only direction worth taking is into the unknown.