(Great Illusion of Our Times No 342)

The notion that all the goodness and light of life should flow toward you, without effort, in an unending stream is at the heart of many of the problems we face. And it’s not just confined to spiritual seekers.

From those who expect to be paid to watch Jeremy Kyle all day to those at the other end of the earning spectrum who expect 100% bonuses for simply doing their job, the belief that that you can – and should expect to – have it all, is a dangerous and destructive lie.

Throughout every area of life there is a corresponding output for any input. In other words, without exception you get out what you put in. Truths, such as this, are timeless and no amount of social engineering or cultural brainwashing will change them, although much misery is generated by the illusion.

The problem is everywhere. Economists and business types who thought the graph only ever pointed upwards and failed to take any account of the downside were the cause of the First Great Banking Crisis. Scientists who believe in the exponential march of progress are unwittingly creating a technological prison for us all. Mums who believe they can have high flying careers, great sex with a man who is both a lover and a fighter, effortlessly producing 2 kids while all the time preserving a flawless complexion spread utter misery to all they meet, while dads who leave at dawn and return exhausted at dusk wondering why their children don’t connect with them do little better. All these scenarios are born of greed masquerading as ‘you can have it all’.

Now, if all this seems like the language of limitation, then you are right, it is. But this limitation is necessary because we all inhabit a physical body. The truth – which ego will fight hard against – is that Limitation is the Law of the Planet Earth.

Strangely though, it is an acceptance of this limitation that produces both the breakthrough we seek and a deep sense of freedom. In a way much can be discovered through accepting that much cannot be discovered. But that release will never be attained if you are stuck hard to the quest of having it all.