Devil XV

In times of trouble, the prize always goes to those who are prepared to ‘look within and keep going’. These are the traits we need if we are to thrive – reflection and determination – great human characteristics, without which little is ever achieved.

But there are an increasing number of folk who want to discard all this, by refusing to take any sort of responsibility for the situation in which they find themselves, projecting all their anger and frustration outwards toward the formation of screeching phantoms in a fabricated universe. By their actions they purposely create a Great Illusion of Our Times – The Illuminati.

So let me be clear and loud, so there can be no chance of confusion. There is no Illuminati. Nor is there any reptilian agenda, save in your own mind.

The inequality that exists in the world is not the creation of an Abraxas worshipping elite. The wars are the same wars that men (and it is always men) have fought throughout human history, and not the construction of half human/half alien royalty, celebrities and international bankers.

Certainly, organizations like the UK’s Common Purpose are a menace, but at the same time simply the logical conclusion of 20 years of unchallenged progressive thinking. Yes, the Global Financial Crisis is a grand scam, but everyone who took a mortgage they couldn’t afford and maxed out their credit card is complicit in it. Even if we suspect dark forces at work then it still doesn’t follow that we must fall in awe at the feet of David Icke when he comes before us to give, give, give of himself in lengthy monologues. Talking for that long is not giving, it’s taking. Conceit of the highest order.

There is no Illuminati because there doesn’t need to be. The truth is much more dangerous. The evil that runs free across the Earth does not come pre-packaged and coordinated from mountain retreats. It comes from within every single member of the human race.

It shows itself every single time you act or speak in a way that you know that you should not. Every time you are mean, just because you can be. Every time you dodge when you know you should work. Every time you shout at others but instead should be shouting at yourself. Every time you take the easy way, the quick way, the short cut. Every time you do these things you give life to the evil within you. Every time you dare not speak up. Every time you look away when the truth is talking to you. Every time you do as others expect you to. Every one of these times is an indulgence of the Dark Side, which runs in tiny droplets until eventually no-one can see the source of the flood.

The evil that exists does so as much within the poor, the Left, the weak and the oppressed and as it does within the rich, the Right, the strong and the powerful. It knows no definition of class, race, age or gender, because it lies within. It is the Ego – the part of us that desires at all costs to remain unchanged by events and the part of us that is too eager to role-play as a victim.

To some extent all this is just about kept in check, under the surface of life, but it cuts loose whenever the new preachers gather the poor and unfortunate together and point outwards, screaming ‘look at them, look at our enemy’ in the mightiest effort to do anything but look at themselves.

So, if you think that the ruling classes are playing you, then you might want to consider that the likes of David Icke are doing exactly the same. If you think that someone like Russell Brand points the way to a new dawn then ask yourself why he, among the faceless thousands attending an Anonymous march felt the need to remove his mask and show himself. Like many others who purport to know what is best for others, it is only ever about them, and never, ever about you.

The only way to resolve the problems of the world is to accept the role that we as individuals have played in creating them. Whether we have been actively involved in the evil doing or have simply observed from the sidelines matters not. It is now our unavoidable responsibility to discover who we are and what we need, independent of whatever anybody else thinks, says or does.

(Tarot images Copyright, l to r, Cosmic, 1JJ Swiss, Hanson Roberts, Tavaglione Stairs of Gold)