It’s Karma Folks! Vote Blair – Get Farage.

It was always going to be like this. That bright May morning in 1997 when ‘things could only get better’ was when the seeds of trouble were deeply sown. Whether we agreed with New Labour or not is secondary. For if they had stated their intentions up front then they would never have been elected. Imagine their Manifesto –  enforced political correctness, collapse of the banking system, housing bubble, four wars, dodgy dossiers and corrupt donors. Even if you would rather look at the good things they still came to power and held onto it with a series of lies. And now it is time for Karma to settle the tab. As New Labour supporters became demoralised and downcast, losing faith in politics altogether, so the haters of Blair have never been more exercised, and now, never more energised.

Ten years ago I predicted that a coming revolution would not emerge from the left. The unease and fear that I saw among the working middle class sometimes bordered on anger and it was obvious that only a reaction against everything that Blair was would settle things for them.  And so it comes to pass with Nigel Farage – the polar opposite of Blair. Farage should not be underestimated or dismissed as a racist buffoon, for that only entrenches the views of his supporters, who already feel slighted and marginalised.

Liberal Intolerance

The Liberal Left is not all it’s cracked up to be. It is meant to be the home of tolerance – yet I find it tolerant only of what it understands, which of course is no tolerance at all. I find the chattering classes bleed disdain for anyone trying to go against the grain, and wherever diversity is preached all I see is exclusion being practiced. Farage is the reaction to liberal intolerance – the public faces of which are the EU and the Lib Lab Con. This establishment offers us nothing but enforcement and coercion in the name of protection. The EU and the Westminster club have no truck with freedom of thought, choice or speech. Listen to Nick Clegg – his argument for remaining in the EU is ‘jobs, jobs, jobs’. Is this the summit of human achievement – to be a corporate drone and live every day in the hope they don’t fire you in their next restructuring?

Farage is undoubtedly a loose cannon, and some of his lieutenants are pretty grim characters, but this is no more than many of us deserve after continually choosing ‘government by lie’. But there may be a silver lining.

Hope vs Fear

Those that operate from fear – fear of others, of failure and its consequences – will vote to stay in Europe, for the EU is dedicated to providing you with maximum security, in the form of a prison for your mind, and maybe also, in time, your body. But those that are bold, that have some fire left in them, will be reflecting upon what life outside the EU might be like. It might be amazing. It might be a rebirth.

Magical Britain

Britain is a funny and infuriating old place, but the truth is that if you are involved in any kind of mystical, psychical, spiritual or occult work then this is where it is at. This is the home of John Dee, Crowley, Waite, Fortune and Gardner. This is where Witchcraft runs deep, where Tarot gained prominence and Magic was really developed. These things are in the blood of the British. But all this is under threat from the metropolitan liberal establishment, with its faces of the EU and Lib Lab Con. These folk frown on all things magical, all things that cannot be quantified, measured or evidenced. Homeopathy, herbalism and some forms of alternative healing have already been targeted by the EU, and that is just the start.

So the future is right-wing?

No, the future is democracy. As Tony Benn (who interestingly shares a birthday with Nigel Farage) identified ‘What we are talking about is whether you should be allowed to elect the people who make the laws under which you are governed. It is nothing to do with whether you get more social care under one or other government, that is not it at all. The power in Europe is centralised in the Commission, who were not elected and cannot be removed. You might like what the EU Commission provides, but whether you do or not is irrelevant, because you can’t remove them.’ This is the key point – if you want a socialist Britain, a trade unionist Britain, a capitalist Britain, a new or an old Britain then none of these things can happen within the EU. We have to be free of the dead hand of the liberal establishment for any progress at all to take place.

So, who are the conscious ones?

Have you read the Guardian Comment is Free section lately? Whenever there is discussion of anything remotely spiritual all that can be seen is hateful bile. There is nothing open or conscious about the chattering classes. They are dominated by Ego – which at best seeks only to be slightly inquisitive while keeping real transformation at arms length, and Fear – of losing their job/house/status/position. This is not of course to say that Farage should be lifted up on our shoulders and marched through the streets. He is just a man, leading just another club, and we’ve been down that road before. But it is currently he who holds the key to freedom, the chance of a better life and a better country, free from the meddling do-gooders who constantly preach that something must be done and are intent on depriving us of our basic rights in the name of protection. These folk really mean it you know. They are dedicated, through mechanisms like the EU, to sweeping away all magic from our lives, if we let them. And in that scenario I’ll take Farage any day of the week.