Decision making is hard. So hard, for some, that the very thought of it is the beginning of a crisis. If this happens to you then it is proof that you are a sensitive.

A sensitive is naturally aware of differing possibilities (that is why they are sensitive!) But be reassured by glancing to the spirit of the ultimate sensitive of our age, Barack Obama. In any of his speeches you will hear him say, effectively, ‘…on one hand it is this, and on the other hand it is that’. He sees what others do not, and he is torn by it. Look at his face for the evidence!

First off, sensitivity – and thus indecision – is perfectly normal. It is not a weakness, and is actually a strength, so long as you can get it to work for you.

To do this we have to move beyond the waste of energy known as prevarication and procrastination. Trying to find ways to convince yourself that things are just fine, when clearly they are not, is not necessary. There is a better way.

To understand further, look at Life is an operation of ‘AND’ not ‘OR’. When faced with a choice between seemingly opposing things, often, both are true, both options possible, both outcomes likely. It is only a matter of which one serves you best, right now. Do not intellectualise this or pull it apart, for no truth will be found down that hole. Consider that Life moves in two directions at the same time. The outward flow of Life moves toward increase, expansion, learning and growth. Under the rulership of this force the day gets more interesting, our options increase and our spirit lightens. The contrary force is ever present though. The inward flow of Life is the place of ‘cannot’, populated by closed minded, fearful types who obsess about the minutiae and deal exclusively in the language of protection and safety. Under this inward flow the day grows ever more restrictive, smaller, less interesting and our options narrow. Under the outward flow of Life we have the chance to be happy by doing more, seeing more and being more. Under the inward flow of Life ‘less and lack’ become the dominant forces. There are always contradictory and confusing signs that obscure this from view, until you step back and look at what is obvious. The answer then emerges – if you place yourself in the outward flow, even when is challenging, then life gets better.

Now that you understand how it works, begin with one, small but significant decision, an easy one to make, that no-one will know anything about. Decide when to open or close your aura. This is as simple as it sounds, and it is only our Ego which prevents it from being so. Wherever you are, do this right now. Decide to open your aura, and look around. Give it a minute, then decide to close your aura. Actually feel this happening, and if you don’t feel it, then imagine it. Notice the difference between open and closed. Repeat it in different settings, at different times. Obviously, this practice will not stop your annoying colleague talking, or the phone ringing. But it will alter how much these things disturb you. The practice, as always, needs to be practiced, and discernment will be required in its usage. For example, it is sometimes very important to be open to new ideas and possibilities, even if we don’t want to be, and equally it is sometimes important to be closed even though you may feel pressure to be open. Practice and judgement will reveal the benefit, but essentially the aura should be closed when we want to rest or reduce our energy usage, wherever it is safe to also reduce our external awareness, like when it’s time for a hot bath, or sleep. Do not, for example, close your aura when driving.

The spiritual lesson of all this is that you can choose. You can choose whether and when to receive input from others and the wider world, or not. You may then, with practice, find that wider forms of decision making become easier, when you choose to be free of distractions. But whatever decisions you make – if you are to be successful and ride the outward flow of Life – they must be rooted in your Higher Individuality – that which makes you different, that which makes you a freak, that which you can do in a way that others cannot. The Great Lie that ‘we are all the same’ is coming to an end, and it was never true anyway. The future will only support those who are willing to discover and develop what makes them unique. As soon as you decide to do this Life will conspire to show you the way.