We Are One.

Three words that negate every unusual little contribution that someone, somewhere might make. Three words that destroy any chance of a flash of inspiration turning into lasting change. Three words that kill stone dead any form of rebellion or non-conformance. As a status update or inspirational tweet it sounds warm and comforting, but in practice it is always a disaster. Both communism and fascism are based upon it, the Rotherham child abuse scandal is a result of it and corporations that turn their employees into drones feed on it.  It is the doctrine of same-ness, and its colour is beige.

They are evil words because regardless of the intention behind them the idea is always corrupted in practice, by the misuse of power. Wherever humans collect together as US, there will always be people who refuse to cooperate, and they will be marked as THEM. Think on this, watch it happen in your community. The energy of one always splits into the energy of two. It is in its nature to do so and it can be no other way.

It is also deeply arrogant to presume that anybody else sees, hears or thinks the same as you do. They do not, they cannot. and this is all to the good. Wherever ‘We Are One’ is dominant you see the end of  progress. In a world of ‘We Are One’ there will be no more Mozarts, no more Einsteins and no more Picassos.

The challenge of life is not to hide in the mush of ‘We Are One’ but to develop tolerance for the fact that everyone is profoundly different and recognition that other people have things to offer that you could never come up with yourself. Then, although we may not agree we will recognise that we are interconnected and therefore MUST love each other. If everyone said that we would be in a much better place.