Human beings are utterly controlled by those who wield the four elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Fire is used to great effect by the mind controllers by packing large numbers of people into small spaces. This exerts great pressure and heat, subsuming the individual conscience totally. Air is used as a weapon to control what is thought and spoken, but the deeper use of sound can be very effective – anthems, chants and Heils! exert a very real influence on the human. Water is always used to control people by making the appeal not rational, but emotional – love of the Fatherland, avenging the prophet etc. Finally Earth is harnessed by the controllers through specific stances and body poses during ritual, so at this level there is little difference between a prayer and a salute. If the mind controllers can proscribe the food supply then all the better, and if they can get everyone to look physically identical, well its a win for them.
These techniques are as old as the hills, used innocently (?) at football matches, for example, but also sometimes harnessed by the Dark Side.

I have observed and tracked the effects of these techniques for years. For example, they were used to enormous effect in Nazi Germany. We can all look back now and proclaim the evil of the parades and marches, yet no one was coerced to attend them. Germany was a highly developed country – how could thinking people willingly sign up to the Nazi horror? Answer – in the ways just described, techniques used upon them to make them less than they might be. No one held the ordinary German accountable for what happened under that regime, yet at the time few ordinary Germans resisted it for their minds were chained.

Although this analysis may seem insane it is highly relevant because it is happening again now, today – has been for some time – and I feel profoundly ashamed that I have not had the courage to say so before.
There is a war on. There is no point pretending otherwise and the sooner we admit to what is happening the sooner it will be over. There is no point repeating the mantra that Islam is the religion is peace. If it is taken intellectually only (Air) then yes it is. But in vast areas it is NOT taken mentally, it is ingested whole into the worshipper in the four ways described above, destroying their conscience, compassion and ability to decide things for themselves. The Dark Magicians wielding these four elements are the preachers of hate in the mosques, but barbarians never take a city by force, they always have the gates held open for them by the well meaning yet misguided.

It is definitely the case that individual Muslims, just like individual 1930’s Germans, will help you if you are in trouble. Yes, this happens, probably more than is obvious. But Islam when swallowed whole, like Nazism and other doctrines, is deeply invested in the abolition of the individual. There is no point turning to the holy book to refute what we see with our own eyes, nor any point identifying the great achievements of the religion. After all Hitler loved animals and Albert Speer’s plan for a rebuilt Berlin would have been nothing short of breathtaking. What use is any of these things if the freedom to be human is taken away? The everlasting word of death is ‘conformity’ and it has taken up residence in the heart of Islam.