break up of britainWhoever takes office after 7 May is going to have to govern a fractured and divided country. The supporters of the losing sides will not accept the results, they will demand re-counts and election courts and there will be lawsuits and much disgruntlement. The media will love it but the people will hate it. If the Tories hang on there will be disbelief in many quarters, and probable civil unrest, while if Miliband takes over there will be a financial crisis or some kind of ‘Atlas Shrugged’ situation. In either case the supporters of the winning side will be just as unhappy as they realise that they aren’t going to get what they want either. Cries of fraud and stitch up will abound and when the Greens and/or UKIP get an enormous vote but a miserable number of seats there will be howls of derision and cries of unfair. This is not to mention the fully one third of people who think the whole thing is a charade anyway.

My reading confirms the opinion polls with the Tories and Labour locked together but with the SNP as the third largest party on 8 May, and therefore kingmakers. The issue then at this election is not the economy or the NHS; it is the looming Break up of Britain. You can interpret this on many levels – from UKIP’s desire to wrench us out of the EU, fracking and social disintegration, both Tory and Labour turning into regional parties and the SNP shooting for the very earliest opportunity to put their question again. There seems to be not much that is any longer united about the United Kingdom.

Mario Reading’s interpretation of the Prophecies of Nostradamus chimes with this and talks about the coming of a separate England, going its own way from Scotland and the rest of Europe. Where Wales and Ireland figure in this I do not yet know. This may all seem very unlikely and might take years to fully manifest, but in the meantime we should get used to weak leaders and confused policies in the governance of the nation.  What is particularly interesting is that this does not seem to be a product of UKIP success as much as the increased influence of SNP and Plaid Cymru.

Although many people cannot conceive of a Prime Minister Ed Miliband the cards are less resistant, clearly highlighting great weakness in the Tory party of which he must be the prime beneficiary. The man’s numerology however is very clear – whether good and kind or not, Ed Miliband is fundamentally unsuited to any kind of leadership role, in any area of life. He is overly dominated by ‘7’ energy and is therefore a thinker and a theorist, not a doer or a leader. His election to Prime Minister would be a personal karmic disaster for him and an even bigger one for the nation.

The British thirst for an Arthurian-type saviour is strong, but it remains to be seen whether someone like Boris can spring out of this election and command the Spirit of the Nation. He is dominated by ‘9’ energy and it seems certain that he is going to try. The end result for May 2015 is still too close to call though, but I am beginning to think that the election is a pre-cursor to events, not the event itself. I do not see Labour doing enough to secure a majority, and it seems inconceivable that the Tories will have got more popular since 2010. What happens in the messy aftermath of the May 2015 election now seems extremely significant for the future of the nation.