This election sees the manipulators and propagandists out like never before, all intent on getting us to support ‘someone like you’ and hating on those ‘not like you’. They are all at it in their own way but today its the Labour Party’s turn in the barrel. (Others will get their go). Labour are the masters of Identity Politics, playing to death the constant ‘Evil Tory’ narrative. No wonder the fabric of society is shot when the party that aspires to government insists on demonising those who think in any way differently to it. Whether we support them or not isn’t the issue. Their tactics are, and have been for years, fundamentally dishonest. The fact that others are too is no excuse.

Identity Politics is based on three lies:

Lie #1 – People who look like you also think like you. The fact that your MP or favoured candidate has two kids (just like you), eats at Greggs (just like you), wears ’cause wristbands’ (just like you), goes on the tv and radio and says ‘something must be done’ (just like you), and you saw them once drinking a pint/latte (just like you) does not mean for one minute that what actually goes on in their heads, or hearts, bares any resemblance to yours. We are not all the same.

Lie #2 – Values do not determine actions. This one should really have been A Problem of the New Age because the enormous, unanswered point about values is that they are almost always someone else’s values, adopted second hand and that they often tell us nothing about the underlying character and nature of the person. Hitler loved animals and was a vegetarian. Admirable values I’m sure you will agree.

Lie #3 – There is no such thing as an individual. So far as the party machines are concerned you are categorisable and therefore controllable. If they can get onside the key people in your tribe then you will almost certainly follow. The Labour Party have successfully played this card for 20 years through the repetitive mantra of ‘hard working families’.

Don’t worry, I wont leave the other parties out of this analysis, Call Me Dave will get it too. But for now, if you remain in any doubt at all as to the futility of voting for people ‘who seem in tune with you’ then watch this little trip down memory lane, right the way through to the reveal, if you can stand it.