6, positively, is the number of togetherness, love, connection, family and responsibility. Negatively it is the number of the parent who cannot cut the apron strings, emotions run wild and irresponsibility.

The Labour Party went through a number of incarnations before its final formation on 15th February 1906 (15=6 and the whole date sums to 6).
The word ‘LABOUR’ if A=1, B=2 etc sums to 6.
The consonants of ‘NEW LABOUR’ sum to 6.
The vowels of ‘NEW LABOUR’ sum to 6.
Keir Hardie, its first leader, was born on 15th (6).
The 1923 General Election, which led to the first Labour Prime Minister took place on 6th December 1923, which gives us 6 and sums to 6. 1923 itself also sums to 6.
Clement Attlee who led the party to the 1945 landslide was born on 3rd January 1883, which sums to 6.
Harold Wilson’s election in 1964 occured on 15th October (6) and his landslide two years later in 1966. Although defeated in 1970 he was re-elected on 28 February 1974, which sums to 6. The name ‘HAROLD WILSON’ also sums to 6.
The two most famous Labour firebrands of modern times were Nye Bevan, born on 15th November 1897 (6, and sums to 6) and Tony Benn, born on 3 April 1925, which sums to 6.
Tony Blair was elected leader of the party on 21 July 1994, which sums to 6. He himself was born on the 6th (May 1953). It is also interesting to note that Ed Miliband was born on 24th (December 1969) and David Miliband was born on 15th (July 1965).

It is not so strange to conclude that organisations and parties have their own life force and energy, and that the Labour Party is intimately connected to the number 6.
There are many more instances of 6 in the history of the party, as well as other patterns which point to when they win and when they lose. All this plus the data will appear in ‘Grand Britain, the Future of the British and Their Isles’ later this year.