Socrates was right. You cannot tell anybody anything. If they agree with you it’s because they already agree with you. If they disagree with you then you cannot persuade them until they are ready to be persuaded. It is impossible to move people any more than a fraction, for any more than a moment. People move themselves, or they don’t.

This is not a blog of arguments or persuasion. It is deliberately designed to hit you, to force you to think about what and where you currently are. I do this by provoking, testing, teasing, laughing, nudging, poking, reflecting, lying and contradicting myself.

It is only when we are forced to look at our own stuff do we have a chance of really changing, learning, developing and growing.

I write these words in the same way I live my life:

I harm no one.

There is a lesson to be drawn from every event, moment and life. I try to find it.

The natural direction of life is toward growth, change and adaptation. I try to encourage that process.

Equality is an illusion. I accept this.

Political correctness is a disease. I fight it.

Truth is always discordant to fantasy.

Conformity is death.

If my views bother you then maybe you aren’t as certain in yours as you imagined.